Liar liar

liarliarRegardless if the amount of music I listen to on a daily base, I can totally misjudge the origin of a song. That’s exactly what happened to the song I selected for this Music Monday. After hearing the song a couple of times on radio and television I assumed it was something of a classic. A timeless song we have all enjoyed for a couple of decades already. Then, when I did my research to turn it into a Throwback Thursday I found out it was actually a brand new song that was only released recently. Which one you ask?

The song I am referring to is Liar Liar by Cris Cab.

With the knowledge I have now, I wondered why I thought this song was actually way older. Well, in all honesty I had the idea it sounded really familiar. From the first moment this song gave me the idea I heard it at least a dozen times before. Not just recently, but many years down the road as well. The tune got stuck in my head and it felt like it had to be there since my teenage years. A part of me feels like a foe for that particular thought. Another part of me believes the quality of the song has a lot to do with that. The simple fact it got stuck inside my head so easily, well, it tells a story all by itself. Somehow Cris Cab created a song so good it struck me in just the right way. Quite brilliant, because I feel more people might have had this experience listening to the song. If that is the case, the song has the potential to become a timeless classic. A song remembered and endorsed not only by our generation, but for generations to come as well.

If anyone of you had the same experience after hearing this song for the first time, please let me know. It would really make my whole confession of this misjudgment less embarrassing. Other than that, I just hope you’re all able to enjoy this new song, because I like it to stick around for many years. If it were only just so I could say that I heard the potential in this song from the first time round.

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