Waiting for Superman

WFSFirst and most of all I am happy to get back to my posting schedule for Music Monday. Life is busy, hectic and my health issues kind a complicate blogging a little. For the simple fact feeling tired doesn’t boost my creativity. Therefore I am happy to finally find time to sit down and share a song with you all that plays an important part in my life as we speak. The main reason for this is that I believe the song to be absolutely beautiful, but I also like the meaning to the song. Why? Well, let me share that with you all. Continue reading

Maroon ‘fucking epic’ 5

6f52c872822d11e38a2d121a7ff3b48e_8Whenever a band postpones a concert due to unforeseen scheduling problems, it makes me itchy. Moreover as it’s due to a newly planned tour that is sponsored by some kind of major company. In all honesty, it made me consider selling my ticket and therefore missing out on their show. That is exactly what happened with the Maroon 5 concert in Holland, that was scheduled for July 3th, Well, after six months of waiting I am glad I decided to keep my ticket and got see Maroon 5 perform last night. It was well worth waiting for. Continue reading

Health issues

tumblr_inline_mupyacR7TY1so8tquIn my latest blogpost I mentioned the fact that I have been diagnosed with mono, an illness better known as the kissing disease. In all honesty, it came as quite a shock to find out I actually carried the virus with me, because I never really thought of it as a possibility. Okay, over the past month I had some health issues and I felt tired pretty fast, but I all really blamed it on having a busy life. After all, I felt like there was more work than I could process at the office, I had a busy private life and so on. Until the diagnoses came last week. Continue reading

Maybe this will be my year

2014-Numbers-Happy-2014-New-Year-free-Image-WallpaperOn this first new Music Monday of 2014 I am not going to share a brand new recently released song with you all. No, this Monday will merely be an expression of the great positive vibe I feel when it comes to the year 2014. This time I have the feeling I can wholeheartedly say; “Yes, 2014 and could really become my year”. This might sound a little odd after I’ve been diagnosed with mono less than a week ago, but more about that later. It doesn’t change the fact that I am quite excitedly looking forward to 2014. Why? Continue reading

Serious Request

w200.c3279_73094c4d2e5bf8519651b1682fdd00c7Today’s blog is a little different from the ones I normally post, for a few reasons. First of all, today’s post doesn’t fit in any category or subcategory I have created so far. Secondly, music is not the main theme when it comes to this blogpost. No, today’s blogpost I like to contribute to a charity fundraiser from my favorite radio station and the anthem they choose for this year’s edition. The event is called Serious Request and has come to its tenth edition already this year and only seems to be growing with each passing year. Continue reading

Another Christmas

tumblr_inline_mxyft4Lh4J1rdfbaxThis is the Music Monday right before Christmas and therefore I feel I have no choice but to share a holiday spirited song with you all. After all, we’re in the middle of the holiday season and I feel it would be suitable to contribute to the true holiday spirit. Since we all grew up with the very familiar classic Christmas songs I’d searched for something surprising and new. Quite a difficult tasks as I found out, because it’s hard to come by a good new Christmas song. Still, I believe that this week’s pick is such a rare song. Continue reading

Liar liar

liarliarRegardless if the amount of music I listen to on a daily base, I can totally misjudge the origin of a song. That’s exactly what happened to the song I selected for this Music Monday. After hearing the song a couple of times on radio and television I assumed it was something of a classic. A timeless song we have all enjoyed for a couple of decades already. Then, when I did my research to turn it into a Throwback Thursday I found out it was actually a brand new song that was only released recently. Which one you ask? Continue reading

Dance with me tonight

DWMTWhen it comes to pop music we all have our blast from the past. To some people it will be the boy bands like The Backstreet Boys, Five, Boyzone or ‘N Sync. Others will prefer the likes of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Personally, I have always been a great fan of the pop musician and entertainer Robbie Williams. Now todays song isn’t one from Robbie personally, but his concert in Holland last July did bring me to this particular song and artist. For the simple reason they both seem to be in music to the same thing. Entertain. Continue reading

Just Another Song

KillersGLEEgIRLVID600When it comes to music, artists and bands we all have our personal preferences. The ones that immediately pop up when someone asks you about your favorite kind or music or who the best band is. Then there is a category of bands and musicians that do not qualify in this group. Yet, there music always seems to be around, without me or anyone else noticing that I listen to it so much .The song I like to share with you all today is from such a band. One that I actually have seen live in concert last March. Continue reading

What makes you beautiful

Boyce_Avenue1Last week I all told you about a hard decision I had to make when it came to sharing a Throwback Thursday song. Due to this dilemma I forced myself to make a promise to all of you. I would share one of the two songs last week and the other one this very week. Since is a man is only worth as much as his word, I am going to keep my promise and share the second one as promised. This week’s song is yet another song with a message I full heartedly support, especially since the song is all about love. Continue reading